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Acrylic Face Mount Printing

Are you looking for a modern and dramatic way to present your images with a clarity and crispness that is second to none?  Acrylic face mount may be a perfect match for your work!


Acrylic face mount is a perfect match for high detail images with a lot of color saturation. Light refracts through the plexiglass, intensifying the colors and clarity of your image. Acrylic face mount is a beautiful, unique presentation that enhances your image and will turn heads. Working with our staff we will guide you through a process that ensures we get all of the quality possible out of your images so your prints shine like no other.

Floating box mount

In the acrylic face mount process, clear adhesive is applied to the face of a photographic print produced on high quality glossy photo paper and adhered to high quality optically clear acrylic (plexiglass).  The print will be backed with Sintra or Dibond to provide rigidity.  You can then hang the piece as is or you can have us build a floating box mount that makes the acrylic face mount print look like it is floating on your wall.  You can also do stand off hardware buttons on the corners to suspend your panel above the wall creating another really sleek presentation.

With Old Town Editions, You can order 1/16″ to 1/2″ plexiglass thickness.  These prints are UV resistant and water resistant.  Acrylic face mounts are estimated to last more than 80 years before fading.

Whether you are a professional photographer or someone that just loves to shoot pics with your camera, this finishing technique is an awesome choice to wow your collectors, your friends, or both! Acrylic face mount prints transform your work.  The way the light refracts through the plexiglass to illuminate your work enhances yours as well as anyone else’s viewing experience.

Mounting your photographs or artwork under acrylic will protect your print from dust and abrasion.   The final acrylic face mounted print it is shatter proof and lightweight.

This type of print mounting has also been called a Diasec mount, which we have defined below.  This term is less used due to trademark restrictions and use of a very specific equipment. Specifically, Old Town Editions does not use the Diasec method of mounting.  We just call this process acrylic face mounting.  This information on the Diasec has been included here for educational purposes.

“Diasec – The original method of face-mounting prints, such as photographs on acrylic sheet. The process was invented by Heinz Sovilla-Brulhart in 1969.  Because of the light penetration and refraction of clear acrylic compared to normal glass, the colours are more brilliant and the image sharper than with standard glass in a picture frame.[1] A Diasec mount is usually of a high gloss finish. Because the print is glued to the acrylic glazing, the result is a completely flat mount of the image.”


Acrylic Panel Care Instructions

To Clean acrylic and plexiglass that has slight blemishes or dirt, start off by clearing away any debris with a soft framing brush.  Then, use a premium micro-fiber cloth with soapy water to clean the entire surface area. After wetting the cloth, be sure to lightly blot the surface, rather than applying pressure as you wipe. Too much pressure can actually result in more scratches. After you have wiped the entire piece of acrylic, use the dry side of the cloth to dry or buff the area. Buffing or polishing the acrylic surface reduces future stains. If there are any remaining streaks, re-wet the cloth and dry again. You can use the BRILLIANIZE ( , phone 1-800-445-9344) product to clean shiny surfaces. It repels dust, minimizes scratching and fingerprints, and does not contain alcohol or Ammonia.

Choose carefully: There are a couple of cleaning items that you’ll want to stay away from. In fact, using the wrong cleaning product can completely damage your acrylic displays to the point that they become unusable!

• Do not use paper towels because they will not remove scratches and may even cause them. Stick with a micro-fiber type of cloth.

• Avoid ammonia based products, like Windex or other home glass cleaners, because they contain harmful chemicals that will actually damage the surface, leaving it looking cloudy. Soapy water is the safest and most effective cleaning that ultimately is difficult to have no streaks.