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Archival Paper Printing

Sheet Paper Printing
Paper Giclee Printing Prices
35” x 47” sheet size

1 sheet

2-4 sheets

5-9 sheets






$200 ea

$165 ea

$140 ea

$130 ea

$115 ea

$100 ea

$90 ea

$80 ea

“You can put as many different images and sizes you desire on a sheet.”
Cutting/deckling included in pricing up to 20 sheets

Our main lines of paper are Hahnemuhle, Arches, and Somerset.

Layout instructions: when working with Archival Paper Printing, a minimum of 1” border is required around the edge of the sheet of paper. You can put as many different images and sizes you desire on a sheet. You do not pay extra for sheet layout;  it’s just the cost per sheet you see above. Pricing above applies when running multiples of the same sheet layout. A Certificate of Authenticity can be provided with each giclee if requested.

Please note: Printing on paper can be up to 60” wide, see below. Printing can also be as small as a mini giclee.  Cutting/Deckling is free of charge 20 sheets or less.

Oversized Paper Printing
Paper Print Pricing For Sizes Over 35″x47″

0-1,000 Sq/in

1,000-3,000 Sq/in

3,000-5,000 Sq/in

5,000+ Sq/in

15,000+ Sq/in

25,000+ Sq/in

Oversized Paper Printing







Length x Width = Sq/in
Sq/in x number of prints = Total Sq/in
Total Sq/in x $.00 = Total Cost

Example: If you wanted to order 2 giclee prints that are 36×48 inches.
36 x 48 = 1,728 sq/in
1,728 x 2 = 3,456 sq/in
3,456 x $.17 = $587.52

Giclee Samples

Sample Sheet Layouts