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Can I Shoot My Own Art?

Shooting your own work generally will not be sufficient for digital fine art reproduction or giclee printmaking.

Yes you can shoot your own work for other uses.  The files from your own camera will only be good for art show submissions or emailing.  If you attempt to use these files shot with your own camera for reproduction purposes or giclee printing you will experience soft focus/lack of detail, loss of information in highlights or dark areas, and pixelization (edges have a stairstep look with block like square shapes instead of being smooth).

We will need to shoot your artwork with our sophisticated digital capturing system to ensure exact focus, lighting, and color consistency.  This is generally called a digital capture if it is being done correctly.

It is important to have your art perfectly level and the camera perfectly centered using a very specific lens to prevent distortion or focus fall off.  Also, the lighting that we use is 1800 watts of copy lighting.  Our capture will take the camera anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes to capture all the detail of your original artwork. It is not just a snap of a shutter.

The level of quality of the photograph or scan of your artwork will determine the level of quality of your print. Digital cameras (including expensive DSLR’s) will not give you a detailed and crisp enough image to make a high quality print.

Please take your artwork to a professional art reproduction specialist with the correct equipment.  They will give you a file that is very hi resolution, sharp, evenly lit, with no glare, distortion or color cast.

Color correction should be performed in Photoshop by a skilled technician. Digital work done by using auto functions or by an inexperienced technician can lead to deterioration of the digital file. This can cause loss of detail and the print having a strange digital choppy look.