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Certificate of Authenticity

Many states requires a person selling multiples to provide a Certificate of Authenticity by law. This can be any fine print, photograph, sculpture cast, collage, or similar art object produced in more than one copy. This is a multiple produced by but not limited to digital printing, engraving, etching, woodcutting, lithography and serigraphy. This includes multiples produced or developed from photographic negatives or any combination of the above.

This certificate should have at least all of the following: the name of the artist, a description of the original medium, the process and the material used in producing the multiple and number of multiples including proofs available in the edition.

Make sure you check your local laws or play it safe and always include a certificate of authenticity with your reproductions. Please feel free to use our template as a guide for your own custom certificate or just print and use ours.  Click the link bellow.