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Choosing Standard Print Sizes To Reduce Framing Cost.

Choosing Standard Print SizesChoosing standard print sizes for your digital fine art prints or giclees can help save you and your clients money.  For those that do not know, standard sizes are the popular pre-made frame sizes that your local art supply store will carry.  Even your local framer may have standard size frames available that are made with leftover scraps from custom framing, like Kelly’s Art & Framing shop in Old Town Alexandria, VA.  A few of the most common sizes are 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 18×24, and 24×36 inches. Most art supply stores have an even larger selection of sizes.  There really are some nice standard size frames available at a fraction of the cost of custom frames. (links to standard size artist presentation kits and frames provided at the end of the blog post.)

Coosing Standard Sizes

Rosemary Covey art Framed by Carriage House Framing.

If you are currently custom framing your own giclee prints or original work before you sell you could save quite a bit if you consider switching over to standard sizes.  You could potentially increase your profit margin or even offer your framed pieces at a lower cost than you were able to previously.  If your work is not a standard size you may still be able to use a standard size frame.  You may explore having a custom matte cut.  This is still a fraction of the cost of a full custom frame job.  The framed piece in the picture on the left is an example of a 16×20 standard size with a custom cut matte.

Some may think changing over to standard sizes is a little excessive to try to aid print and original artwork sales.  But, the fact is, clients that we work with have found great success adding this strategy to their sales efforts. This strategy works extremely well for artists selling through online stores, art fairs and co-op galleries. This approach is also most effective for prints under 30″x40″.

Most people have anxieties about buying unframed art or giclees, due to the potential high cost of custom framing.  Any less thinking your client can do to reach their “yes” decision to buy your work will help you increase your sales.  This means the only question they are thinking is whether or not they want to buy. Not questions like, “how expensive will this print will be to frame?”.  Be ready with answers for any questions your potential clients may have.  If you have all the answers to these potential questions, you get them back on the “yes or no” decision.

Sometimes,  if you put your work in a frame that your perspective client doesn’t like, it could inhibit a sale.  This can also go the other way.  Some people do not buy unless your work is framed and ready to hang in their house as soon as they get home.  Selling giclees can be tricky in this regard.  The choice of retail venue is often an important factor in deciding how to present giclees for sale.  Our clients that participate weekend art shows across the nation tell us framing inhibits their sales. These clients sell their giclees packaged in presentation kits in a bin at the front of their booth.  Our local Torpedo Factory artists tell us the print must be framed to expect it to sell.  The best tactic is to make sure you have both options available if possible.

Choosing Standard Sizes

Rosemary Covey art Framed by Carriage House Framing.

When you choose a standard print size for your fine art prints we suggest you choose a size that will show a little bit of white border when your work is placed in a standard size frame or matte.  This will allow room for your signature and edition number to show below the print.   This will also give the print the appearance of having been custom framed.  This attention to detail when choosing your sizes can help you to have a nice high end look at a fraction of the cost.

If you need help choosing standard print sizes please schedule a consultation or give us a call at (703) 684-0005.

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