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Dana Scheurer Limited Editions for Reston Interfaith

Dana Scheurer signs prints at Old Town Editions for Reston Interfaith.

Dana Scheurer signs prints at Old Town Editions for Reston Interfaith.

Reston Interfaith commissioned artist Dana Scheurer to create the original painting “Dancin’ On The Dome”, and one hundred limited edition fine art reproductions. Scheurer has created a following from her involvement with groups like Greater Reston Art Center. She also participates in local area art shows selling originals and prints.  She’s created original artwork for: Reston Triathlon, Reston Kids Triathlon, and the Reston Home Tour.

Her involvement in the local arts community and her subject matter have drawn attention from several Reston based businesses.  Dana’s involvement in the community has created strong demand of her artwork.  This is evidence that being involved with local art associations, shows, and galleries helps an artist to gain publicity to become successful.  Dana has been creating limited editions with Old Town Editions since 2004.

Selling reproductions allows more people to afford an artists work, and ultimately, offers the artist more exposure.  People come to her shows looking for her new prints and originals.  Images she’s created were used to conceal construction around the Reston Ice Rink.  OTE captured her artwork for printing in an extremely large format.  OTE’s ability to push the limits of convention and size has allowed her artwork to gain even more publicity.

OTE:  How do you use prints to help advance your art career?
Scheurer:  To sell of course…people that cant afford the originals can afford my work, ultimately to return at a later date to buy an original.

OTE: What words of wisdom or advice do you have for anyone looking into creating giclees from their original artwork?
Scheurer:  Find yourself a reliable printmaker. One that you can depend on having the highest quality, and  will always be there for you.  Always look for ways to promote yourself like having small card size prints to hand out for someone to take away at a point of sale to establishing connections.

About Reston Interfaith
Since 1970, Reston Interfaith, a nonprofit, has reached out to 250,000 neighbors-in-need, helping them overcome tough economic times in an already high cost-of-living region. Reston Interfaith helps people build more stable lives by connecting them to vital resources that solve their needs for housing, childcare, food or financial assistance.