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Digital Fine Art Print Consultantations

Once you’re a client we become your personal digital print consultant. We take the time necessary with each of our clients to get you comfortable selling your prints or giclees.  We consider all of our clients partners and realize that our client’s print sales drive our giclee printing sales.

                                                                                  Topics we cover with our clients include but are not limited to:
Digital_Print_Consultants_©-1What is a giclee?
What is the giclee/archival pigment printing process?
What is the cost vs. profit potential of each print?
Should one create limited edition or open edition giclees?
How should one handle the prints for storage and re-sale?
What are the options for presenting prints for sale?
What kind of prices can one ask for their giclees?
How can one leverage reproductions of their work to help advance their original art career?
Where should one sell their giclees?
How does one go about reaching their target market?
What are the copyright laws and who has reproduction rights?
Tips for increasing value of your giclees.

Keep in mind that when you sell an original it does not mean that you sold the reproduction rights with it unless you stated that when it was sold. We have a lot of clients that borrow their original work back from their buyers to get high resolution digital captures done to make reproductions. This allows an artist to make more of a living off of each individual piece of artwork that is produced.

After years of teaching clients about digital fine art printmaking and how it can benefit an artist, we have seen first hand the value of this individual consult time. We know the consultations work by the returning faces we see and the reprints they order. We have many artists and photographers that have come through the door knowing nothing about how selling reproductions can advance their career. They now are reaping the benefits of the added revenue from selling their giclees or limited edition prints.

Try not to feel overwhelmed by what you do not know. Let us be your guide to print selling success.

Each new client receives the artist giclee handbook

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