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Digital Fine Art Printmaking

For centuries artists have used traditional printmaking methods of etching, serigraph, woodcut, lithography and most recently digital fine art printmaking to create both original prints and reproductions. Prints allow the artist to reach a wider market with a product that is both more accessible and more affordable. Traditional prints have often been created by collaboration between the artist and a master printmaker. The advent of new inkjet printing technology has not changed this.

The affordability and ease of use of inkjet printers has made this technology extremely popular. At the same time, the overabundance of low quality prints being produced by unskilled technicians has caused some people to be dubious of this type of printing. There are a lot of start-up companies making a bad name for digital fine art printmaking or giclee printmaking.  Niche studios like Old Town Editions only create digital fine art prints for artists, museums, galleries and photographers. Studios like our own are set apart because we strive to offer the highest quality and service in this specialized field. This is done by meticulously calibrating equipment and color profiling work flow. This is a highly skilled and costly process.

Like its forerunners, digital fine art printmaking is a true craft. The work that goes into preparing the image for digital printing is just as labor intensive as the traditional methods. Many numbers of proofs are pulled and skilled technicians are involved in the adjusting of color and tone. Old Town Editions works very closely with artists to make sure that every detail is perfect. Our focus is not only on faithfully reproducing the artwork, but also on creating a print that will stand on its own as a quality piece of artistry.