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How long will my prints last? (print longevity)

At Old Town Editions, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality prints possible. When giclee printing was first introduced, the longevity of the inks left something to be desired. In the past decade there have been huge advancements in print longevity due to the the extended permanence of the inks available. We have kept up with these advances every step of the way. We are constantly searching for ink sets that have the highest archival ratings and the widest color gamut. The pigment inks we currently use are not only lightfast, but are also water-resistant. We combine these pigment inks with papers that have similar archival qualities and a proven record of acceptance in the art and museum market. We do not carry any “second-tier” products. Below is a chart of the print longevity ratings for our Canon ipf9000, ipf8000, ipf8300 and ipf9400 printers with Lucia pigment inks on our papers. These results are collected from resources like Wilhelm Imaging Research, and other industry leading independent testing sources.

Test Result (years)
Breathing Color Lyve Canvas
Arches / Somorset
Hahnemühle Photo Rag / German Etching

The print longevities listed are conservative.  Tests have far exceeded the number of years mentioned above before fading.  These are the ratings for prints under regular glass.  Prints framed under UV glass can exceed 300 years before fading.