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How do I get discounts?

Discount_Giclee-1Multiple Original Capture Discounts
If providing multiple originals of similar size and value (paintings that differ by 2inches or less and are of the same medium) accompanied by a file prep, there is an opportunity to save the second, third, or even fourth capture cost. This can equate to a discount of $240 or more.

Example: If you bring in (4) 16 x 20 inch paintings and receive a capture and prep it could cost only $60 for the capturing instead of the alternative $60 each ($240 total)  if done individually. The prep cost is still $200 each and can not be discounted based on quantity.  Each file takes hours to prepare for printing and can not be batch processed.  We can discount the second, third, and fourth capture in this situation due to the fact that the camera system does not need to be set up again for the consecutive capture. This will save us time, saving you money.  With this many images ready for printing they can be  batched together to receive our quantity discounts on printing.

File Prep Discounts
The only way to get this fee discounted is to order 20+ sheets of paper printing or 15,000 sq/inches of canvas printing of that image at the time of committing to the capture and file prep.  This part of the process is just too labor intensive and takes too much time to give away for free without this greater commitment.