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Drawings From Afar For Image Capture

Amy Lin-2Artist Amy Lin is back in Washington DC from her recent move to Russia. Amy’s brilliant new collection of works brings her back to our nation’s capital for her solo show opening “Diffusion” at Addison/Ripley Fine Art on March 2, 2013. Old Town Edition’s role in this endeavor was the capturing/photographing all of Amy’s fine detail drawings. Professional art image captures/photography is essential for making sure an artist’s digital images look identical to an artist’s originals.

Old Town Editions is proud to work with talented young artists such as Amy. Congratulations on a gorgeous collection Amy….

“Amy Lin is an artist whose distinctive, vibrant and ambitious drawings masterfully balance precision and an elegant chaos. The works, in her own words, explore “cultural diffusion and are inspired by my residency last year in Singapore and my subsequent move to Russia.” In this, her second exhibition at Addison/Ripley, Lin’s colored pencil marks fly and flare on their unspoiled white surfaces, constellations of tiny dots suggesting wings and fireworks, microscopic organisms and Northern Lights. This new collection maps her recent experiences and forms them as recombinant organism with an aesthetic life of their own.

The artist’s emboldened color sense, the growing complexity of her compositions and her deep commitment to her task, spending countless hours weaving tiny points of colored pencil into exuberant arrangements, suggest a growing maturity. Barely contained on the paper, Lin’s work has the wonderful compulsive feel of work by Tara Donovan or Yayoi Kusama but maintains a lightness and assuredness on the infinite seeming white ground on which she works.”  Addison/Ripley Fine Art

Amy is one of many other artists working with Old Town Editions utilizing the digital capture part of our process alone. It is especially essential with work like Amy’s to have a professional art photographer or reproduction studio with the proper equipment to evenly light and capture all the very intricate detail.

A digital image capture from our 216 MP capturing system is the last image one will need of your artwork.  The image capturing services that we offer for artists like Amy are just like the services we provide for museums. This is the best form of digital preservation for antiquities and artwork. This digital file encompasses any use that one would need.  Alternate uses for these high resolution digital captures include, but are not limited to, show entry submissions, card printing, lithography printing, book printing and many more. If the artist decides at a later date that they are interested in limited edition printing, they will have a file suitable for digital fine art or giclee printmaking with Old Town Editions.

Amy has not had any digital reproductions or giclee prints made of any of her work to date.

Having a professional image capture/photograph of your work insures that your digital images look identical to your originals.  Only photographers that regularly capture artwork  with the proper equipment understand and can apply the precision process of the setting up the camera and lighting for a perfect art capture.   You cannot achieve this with any professional or consumer grade DSLR camera.  This process is only achieved with the use of a few types of  digital scanning backs. Only the proper equipment operated by a true artisan themselves can have the capability of giving you the best image possible.

Below you can view Amy’s beautiful new body of work captured by Old Town Editions.