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Giclee Print Care

How Do I Care For My Giclee Prints?

Caring for paper prints
The paper prints should be treated like any other fine art print such as an etching or serigraph. Handle paper prints as gently as possible. When doing so, be sure that your hands are freshly washed, or wear gloves, to minimize transfer of oils from your skin. Because paper is damaged by prolonged contact with chemically unstable materials, the choice of materials for storage and exhibition is critical. Mats, folders, and storage boxes should be labeled acid-free or 100% cotton rag. Store matted works or foldered items in flat files or in appropriately sized boxes specifically designed for storing works of art or documents. Oversized objects should be stored flat whenever possible, not rolled or folded. Store unframed prints in a cool and dry environment. Warm or moist conditions accelerate deterioration and encourage mold growth and insect activity. Works should also be protected from environmental pollutants and airborne particulates.

Matting and framing your paper prints with archival materials and techniques provides the best possible protection. We recommend acid-free or rag mats combined with a UV protectant glass. If you notice any yellowing or other discoloration on older framed works, this probably indicates that the materials used are not acid free.

For more detailed information on giclee print care, please visit the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works at

Caring for canvas prints
Because canvas prints are usually stretched and not framed behind glass, they are more in need of a protective coating. The coating can protect the print from minor scratches, oils from the skin, and environmental pollutants. Applying a coating to the canvas prints also has the added benefit of making the print look a little bit richer in color.  All of the canvas prints offered by us here at Old Town Editions will be coated with Glamour II or Timeless print varnish by Breathing Color.  We can only offer uncoated prints to artists intending to embellish then clear coat the prints themselves once done with the embellishment.