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Benefits of Digital Printing

Inexpensive: With digital printing you can order giclee prints on demand, keeping initial project costs lower than other traditional reproduction processes. Instead of printing an entire edition at once like in the past with lithography, one can order limited edition giclee prints as they are needed.  This keeps inventory costs to a minimum.  You will no longer be stuck with the prints that were not the most popular editions.

High Quality With Fine Detail: When properly made, digital printing can offer exquisite image quality and sharpness.

Green: The giclee printing method is more environmentally friendly than many other traditional printing methods.  Other methods  utilize more raw materials like film and potentially hazardous chemicals during pre-press processing.

Turnaround Time: Digital printing also allows for faster turnaround times.  It takes less time and physical effort to set a file up for giclee printing. There are less steps in the giclee printing process therefore making for quicker turnaround times for clients.

Ease of proofing: Digital printers can produce immediate and accurate proofs on exactly the same paper or canvas as the rest of your prints. Offset proofing can be expensive and slow.  Offset proofs are usually on a paper slightly different than the final prints; this can be misleading.

Benefits of Digital Printing With Old Town Editions: An additional benefit of the digital printing process is the high resolution digital file of your artwork that you will receive with your giclees when working with Old Town Editions. This file can be used for websites, printing promotional materials such as postcards,  for submissions to art shows and competitions, as well as giclee printing. These scans can even be used when cataloging assets with your insurance company.  Unlike photographs taken with a point and shoot camera, our digital captures and scans have even lighting, crisp focus, and color that is true to the original.

WARNING: Only digital fine art printmakers are geared towards making giclees that are identical from order to order over the years. So, choose your printmaker wisely.  Commercial printmakers that offer this service in conjunction with other printing services often are not concerned with keeping your edition color consistent. Giclee printing is a small portion of the work they do and managing color for consistent giclees from order to order is costly and time consuming. So, the giclee that you had printed 2 years ago probably will not look the same today or even tomorrow. This can usually only be accomplished by choosing specialty printing studios like our own that are dedicated to giving our clients the exact same product every time they order reprints.