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What is Giclee Printing Process?

What is giclee printing process? – Whether you are working with us or another digital fine art printmaker the process is generally the same. There are two basic steps in the digital printing process.

First, a digital image of an original artwork is created, either by using a high-resolution digital capturing system or by scanning a photographic transparency or negative. These days the digital capture is the very best method for capturing all the subtle detail and nuances of original artwork.  Using a transparency can cause some detail loss and limited color gamut compared to the original. The digital image is then manipulated on a computer to achieve the desired results and proof prints are produced. Manipulating the image includes proofing, color correction, cleanup, retouching, and custom image editing. The goal may be to create a very faithful reproduction of the original art or to change the appearance in a way that is chosen by the artist.

When working with Old Town Editions these steps are included in the one time fees per original artwork or digital image.  The one time fees that encompass the above explanation are our image capture ($60), and our file preparation ($200).  We spare no effort in creating the perfect capture and image for final printing during these steps.

The second step is the actual printing of the image. Once the proof is approved by the client, the image is ready to print and is archived.  Not all print shops offer image archiving. So, make sure to request the master print file from your printmaker.  Old Town Editions archives all prepared files so our clients can order reprints whenever they need them.