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Who retains the art copyrights?

Who retains the art copyrights? – You do. Old Town Editions does not claim any rights to your artwork or the prints made from that artwork. Some printers believe that because they have altered or enhanced the digital file used to make the print that they have a legal claim to the digital files. We here at Old Town Editions would never make such claims. We only create prints or release files with the written consent of the artist or the artist’s estate. We take all copyright laws very seriously.

Also be aware that when you sell an original work of art, you retain all printing rights. Unless you specifically state otherwise when making a sale, you keep all rights to any use of that image for reproduction purposes. The buyer cannot make prints without your consent. This also means that you do not need the buyer’s consent to sell reproductions of this image. We do, however, encourage you to notify the buyer if you plan to do this. It goes a long way to be courteous to your clients.