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When working with Old Town Editions quality is of our main concern.  We review all files for quality when you submit for printing.  We assess things like color space, file size, sharpness, and color. We will let you know what proofing or file preparation steps we require before printing final prints. You will always have the opportunity to fix yourself what we find deficient in your file.  This file assessment step insures the quality of prints that leave our shop are of a uniform high quality.  Some files need special sizing, special editing, color balance, sharpening, or tonal adjustment. Some files need no processing.  We cater our process to the image being submitted. If you can not do the work yourself you will contract one of our technicians to do the work for you.

If your file is color balanced, sharp, and embedded with the Adobe RGB 1998 color space, needing no tonal adjustment we can offer proofs at a square inch proofing price.   If you need minor color balance, sharpening, and tonal adjustment, we included this in our $50 proof charge. Other files need much more editing and will require our all inclusive image file prep for $125-$200, this includes proof printing.

If you are submitting a file to print with Old Town Editions it needs to be at least 200dpi at the inch size of your final print. 300 dpi at your requested print size is the optimal resolution for the highest quality print. The file should be tagged with Adobe RGB 1998 and in a Tiff format.

BE AWARE:  If your file is smaller than the size that you would like to print DO NOT SIZE UP.  Only with the aid of a skilled image technician or special up-sizing software can you accomplish this without the loss of too much detail. This does not work with all files.

Please follow the link below to upload your image to our file upload…

Don’t forget to include your full name, contact information, and what service you are requesting so we can follow up with you as soon as possible.