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Giclee Education Classes

Are you a member of a group that is interested in learning more about Giclees?

We offer educational talks about the giclee process and its benefits to artists for organizations located in and around the Washington DC, Northern VA, and Maryland areas. We have held giclee talks in the past at the Potomac Valley Watercolorists, Springfield Art Guild, The Art League of Alexandria, VisArts Center in Rockville and the Yellow Barn Studio amongst many others.

After years of teaching clients about digital fine art printmaking and how it can benefit an artist, we have seen first hand the value of these instructional classes. We know the classes work. An artist armed with with knowledge of the product that they are selling and how it can be leveraged to help advance their career goes a long way.  These classes will help artists decide how and when to create giclees of their work.  We strongly urge that no artist or photographer begin their investment in digital fine art printmaking without first educating themselves.  Educating before creating giclees will save you lots of stress and money in the long run.

We cater our classes to fit the group that we are educating.  Some groups start with no knowledge of giclee prints and other groups want to expand on what they already know about giclees.  We have classes for various giclee education levels.

The giclee class can cover the following topics:
The history of the giclee.
Benefits to the artist.
The process of making a giclee.
What to look for in a giclee printmaker.
Cost/Profit analysis of producing and selling giclees.
Selling and Marketing your giclees.

We offer giclee education classes to art organizations, groups, and associations for over 25 members free of charge.

Please inquire about these talks for your artist organization today.