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Photo Restoration & Digital Photo Retouch Services | Old Town Editions

Old Photo Restoration and Digital Retouch Services

We specialize in Digital Photograph Restoration, Antique Photo Repair, Photo Retouch, Photo Reproduction & Printing.

Old Town Editions has over 18 years of experienced in providing incredible antique photo repair, old photo restoration and photo retouch services to museums, historic sites and many homes in America and across the globe.

If you have a photograph that has been in the family for generations but has become damaged or fragile over time, you may want to consider our professional digital photograph restoration services for your family heirloom. Light, humidity and airborne pollutants all contribute to deterioration. Digital photo restoration for your deteriorated family photographs is one of the best ways to preserve and breathe new life into your family history.

Almost all of us have old photographs, negatives, art and artifacts stored in our attics, basements, closets. The fact is that this old medium can get damaged, wear out, and other things that will cause you to lose your treasured-memories. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Our digital photo restoration and/or Heirloom reproduction service can capture, repair, and reprint a new archival version of these items to cherish for future generations.

The only other option is to actually have the original photo restored itself with a conservator. This type of paper photo restoration can be very costly and it is difficult to find a conservator without an incredibly long backlog of work.

Instead, consider digital photo restoration and digital retouch services with Old Town Editions!

Our high-quality archival fine art prints on paper or canvas are the next best thing to the original. Our archival prints will last over 150 years before fading.

Fixing old photos is our specialty!

Through this non invasive process, we are able to perform digital retouch and restore a deteriorated photograph to like new condition. We can fix any damage or degradation while still maintaining the patina of age, if so desired. This way, the photo is restored and still looks as if it comes from an earlier era.

We have a flat rate digital retouch fee! We will digitally repair damage, fading, or discoloration of your heirloom or photograph.

Rather than repairing your original photograph itself, we will instead restore a digital image of your photo. We can repair and restore most damaged photographs. Areas that are torn or cracked are almost always repairable, as well as wrinkles, spots, stains, scratches or folds. Original images that are out of focus will typically wind up looking almost the same after photo restoration because focus can only be improved slightly. There is a sample below that reflects this focus gain.  We can recreate broken or torn off areas of your damaged photograph. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see some examples of our photo restoration and enlargement.

We recommend digitally reproducing your heirloom so you can keep the original artifact in protective storage to prevent any further exposure to harmful elements. This is a wise decision whether or not you choose to pursue professional photograph restoration or antique photo repair services with us.

Digital photo restoration and reproduction also allows several family members to have the same photographs hanging in their homes. They make wonderful wedding presents, party favors or anniversary gifts. Ask us today about enlarging your antique photos, making them into wall murals or printing them on oversized canvases ready to hang in your home! We provide oversized print delivery here in the DC area.

If you would like to ship your photographs that need digital restoration you can via certified mail. You will simply need to put your original photos in a protective reinforced envelope. Please call ahead for more packing instructions and to inform us that you will be shipping. If you send us a few snap shots of your originals we will be able to give you a fixed price before you ship.

Trust Old Town Editions with your antique photo repair, where photo restoration is more than just fixing old photos— it is bringing your family’s history back to life.

Your art, artifacts, and photographs will not leave our possession at any time during the digital restoration process.  We will take the utmost care of your irreplaceable family history. 

Call 703-684-0005 or email for a photo restoration quote today!

The photographs below show actual client samples of digital photo restoration and of some of the things we can do to bring your own photograph back to its original beauty.


Document and Art Restoration Samples

If you are not willing to have your priceless heirloom artifacts and photographs leave your possession we can help guide you to make your own scans.  This is only if it is not possible to relinquish your artifacts and photographs for a couple days while we perform our work. You must have a scanner that can scan your artifacts at least actual size at 300dpi.

You can scan your photos right from the convenience of your own home. You can then use our file upload to send them over.

Be sure to follow the below guidelines when scanning your photograph:

  • Scan at a minimum of 300 dpi at 100% of original size. If possible, scan as large as scanner will allow.
  • Even if your photo is in black & white, please use RGB color mode.
  • Be sure to check your scanner for any special photo enhancement features and shut those off.
  • Save your images as a Tiff.
  • Upload file here

If you upload a file, please include a detailed description of what you want done including your full name, home address and telephone number where we can reach you. We will try to respond to your inquiry with pricing asap, usually on the very same day.  We will never deviate from a previously agreed upon price.

We are the leader in digital photo restoration for Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.