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Image File Preparation for Digital Artists and Photographers

Digital Art Printing

When working with Old Town Editions quality is of our main concern.  We review all files for quality when you submit for printing.  We assess things like color space, file size, sharpness, and color. We will let you know what proofing or file preparation steps we require before printing final prints. You will always have the opportunity to fix yourself what we find deficient in your file.  This file assessment step insures the quality of prints that leave our shop are of a uniform high quality.  Some files need special sizing, special editing, color balance, sharpening, or tonal adjustment. Some files need no processing.  We cater our process to the image being submitted. If you can not do the work yourself  one of our technicians to do the work for you.

A proof is required before any final prints are created.

Proofing: $50 ea. (one time fee)
We require at least 1 proof be pulled before we print your edition. We will only be applying the correct profile for our printers and sharpening.  In the event that you may want Old Town Editions to make more changes to your file you would then pay the remaining $75 for us to prepare your file.

Proof Pricing By The Square Inch ($.25 psi):
If your file is color balanced, sharp, and embedded with the Adobe RGB 1998 color space, needing no tonal adjustment we can offer proofs at a square inch proofing price.   The file submitted for printing needs to be at least 200dpi at the inch size of your final print.  The file needs to be tagged with Adobe RGB 1998 in a Tiff format (LZW compression is ok).

Image File Preparation: $125 ea. (one time fee)
Image file preparation involves exacting color and tone corrections in image editing software for each substrate. We spare no effort in proofing to produce a finished print that optimizes your images for the substrate of your choice. This process includes proofing, color correction, generous cleanup, retouching, image archiving, custom image editing, and digital restoration.

Please note: If we feel that the images require editing that is beyond the skill level of the photographer or artist providing the file then we reserve the right to not accept an image for printing without a required file preparation. We provide the industry leading quality for archival pigment prints and require this attention to detail to keep to our reputation.

Quantity Discount for File Prep Charges (pricing on multiple images):

Number of Files
Price Per File
$125 ea.
$100 ea.
$90 ea.


For photographers willing to learn:
We have designed a program to work hand in hand with photographers. This program is based on the notion that a great majority of photographers would like to be involved in the image editing and the printing of their work. The program caters to each specific photographer’s needs. Every photographer has different levels of experience with image editing software and preparing digital files for printing.

We will sit down with each photographer and assess the images provided to us for printing. We will offer feedback and instruction to  prepare ones own images for printing. This will allow photographers to avoid paying the additional prep cost in the future when submitting files for printing. To qualify for this one must know how to use the most recent versions of Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop and must also be willing to pay for an image file prep per image.

If we feel that the images require editing that is beyond the skill level of the photographer then we will suggest that the photographer choose to have us perform the File Preparation.