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File Preparation For Art & Artifact Reproduction

All digital fine art printing requires file preparation. This is true for reproducing an original artwork or artifact, as well as when we are working from film or your digital file. This insures the highest quality giclee for every image.

This process includes proofing, color correction, generous cleanup, retouching, image archiving, custom image editing, and digital restoration.

Image file preparation from original artwork involves exacting color and tonal corrections in image editing software for each substrate. We spare no effort during this process to produce a finished print of the very best quality that is virtually indistinguishable to the original.

Each printer, substrate, and ink combination requires a unique set of adjustments to produce the best print possible.  Switching between papers on the same printer can require adjustments to ensure the exact match to your original artwork.  This is usually due to the slightly different white point each paper has.  Switching between paper and canvas always requires adjustment due to to the different natures of these surfaces. Also the different varnish finishes used on the canvas prints can cause a shift in color density and saturation.

We run as many proofs necessary to attain the closest match possible to your original artwork.  Once we have matched your original to our best ability we will show you a proof. If you see an adjustment you would like to request, we will make the changes and run you another proof until you are completely satisfied.

All artwork being reproduced will require this step whether you provide the file or we create the file with our digital capturing system.  This ensures the closest match to your original and the highest quality print possible.

File Preparation: $200

The only way to get a discount on file prep is to order 20+ sheets of paper giclee printing or 15,000 sq/inches of canvas giclee printing of that image at the time of committing to the capture and file prep.