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Old Town Editions Sponsored Photo Booth

Old Town Editions Photo with wet clear coat.

Old Town Editions Photo Booth.

Earlier this year we were approached about a new concept The Art League had to build a photo booth. They were looking for a sponsor to aid in the purchase of camera and software for the photo booth and we jumped at the opportunity. What a great idea! Over the years we have donated extra fine art printing materials and offered special rates to Art League members. This was a perfect match.

We started brainstorming with them on their design offering any insight we could to create the best photo booth possible. They commissioned photographer Tom Roberts to construct the photo booth and we offered to paint the photo booth as part of our sponsorship. We decided to use an oversize version of our logo to decorate the booth.  The only catch was it had to be hand painted because we had no way to transfer a print to the booth in a high quality way.

Old Town Editions staff painting the Art League's photo booth

Old Town Editions staff painting the Art League’s photo booth.

To do this we had to prepare our logo digitally to fit the photo booth in an aesthetic way wrapping all the way around the booth. We painted the booth a cream base. Then, we printed a giant print in black and white of our logo on transfer paper and transferred it to the photo booth. With the limited time we had to complete the booth we outlined all the transferred areas in pencil and had everyone on the team painting the black with acrylic paint.  The booth got a final coat of clear acrylic medium to protect the paint.  The final product is stunning.

Picture from the Old Town Editions sponsored photo booth

Picture from the Old Town Editions sponsored photo booth