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One Creative Project Leads To Another.

Our newly lit work space.

Our newly lit work space.

New York artist Jay Hart came to us with a special request to print his image on transparent film for an installation at The Science Center in Ithaca, NY.  The vision was to have two prints, one overlaying the other. When lit from the front you see a satellite image of the continental United States.  When lit from behind you see all the major waterways.  We had to order samples of several types of film to test the best material for producing this final assemblage installation. After lots of testing we found that front print back lit film was the best material for the project. This film allows for rich colors with the transparent qualities required.  When lit from the front the image looks like a rich fine art print. When lit from the back the hidden underlying image brings the assemblage to life showing the rivers and waterways of our United States.  Creating a beautiful interactive final installation for the Science Center.

We always require testing for new materials to make sure the final choice is the best. When it all works out like in this case it allows us to offer this material to other artists in the future for their creative projects. Just because it is not listed on our web site does not mean we will not work with you to find the material that is best for your art.

Recently, Washington DC artist John Brown asks if we can print on film so he can accomplish a layering effect. We did not have any samples prints in house so we printed 2 samples of his images he already had on file with us.

Over the years we have been trying to figure out how to solve our issue of direct sunlight shining through the window directly on to our printers and work space.  For years we have just pulled the blinds to block the direct light.  This has really dampened the amount of natural light in our space. Having held the John Brown sample print up to allow the window to back-light the sample for viewing we got an idea. That was to install John Brown’s imagery in the windows as if there was a tree on the outside with light diffusing into the room through the frosted color of the transparent film.  After a little trial and error we figured out how to prepare his images to fit the window panes. We printed and installed the images in the windows.  Now, Not only do we now have bright light filling our space, we have beautiful art to enjoy during the day.  At night the patrons walking the side walks of Old Town, Alexandria, VA get to enjoy the John Brown art being lit from our lights on the inside.

Keep your minds open and come in with your ideas.  Old Town Editions will spend the time developing ideas and testing materials with our clients to get the best most unique final product available. Realizing their unique vision is essential for each artist to set themselves apart from the rest.

Washington DC based artis John Brown images being used to bring new light to our space at Old Town Editions in Alexandria, VA

Washington DC based artist John Brown images used to bring new light to our space at Old Town Editions in Alexandria, VA