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Our Fine Art Printers

imagePROGRAF iPF 9000, 8000, 8300, and 9400
For years we have tested many new inkjet printers in the hopes of finding fine art printers that could rival the excellent print quality of the Iris. We were disappointed that these printers could not produce the same full, rich color and deep blacks that the Iris could. When we began testing the Canon, we knew that we had finally found what we were looking for. In the Canon we are very excited to have found a new large-format printer that rivals the rich colors of the Iris print while providing a wider color gamut and increased ink longevity. The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9400 takes large format color production to the next level. With the iPF9400, Canon delivers impressive 60″ color output. The 12-color pigment ink system was designed to expand the spectrum of color for fine art reproduction and photography. This is combined with Canon’s dual print head design and the most ink nozzles per color in the industry. An incredibly large color spectrum is produced by the 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which also provides better scratch resistance and smoother gradations.
Mimaki JV4
The Mimaki printer is a large-format inkjet printer that uses a 6 color pigment-based ink set. This printer has twin sets of Epson Piezo print heads that print with speed and superior quality. The most exciting feature of the Mimaki is its ability to print up to 72” wide. The Mimaki also has the ability to print on media up to 7mm thick.This printer is mainly used for large-scale 74″ inch canvas prints.
IRIS 3047
The Iris was the first inkjet printer to be used to produce fine art prints. Iris virtually invented the fine art giclee market. The Iris uses a 4 color dye-based ink set and can print up to 35” x 47”. Using a patented, continuous inkjet technology, the printer precisely forms images from variable-sized dots. This places more image data per pixel and produces a fine tonal gradation with subtle details. The Iris 3047 printer also has an apparent resolution up to 1800 dpi. Many print studios are getting rid of their Iris printers in favor of the newer printers, which require less maintenance and have more archival pigment-based inks.  The Iris still produces beautiful giclee prints with rich colors and lush blacks on a variety of different surfaces.
Epson 9880
Epson 9880
Although it is not our go-to printer for art reproduction it is a great machine to have in our arsenal.  This printer is enhanced with Vivid Magenta pigments and uses only eight colors, including a three-level black technology, to significantly raise the quality levels for professional color and black-and-white prints.  The richness of the blacks and the color gamut still falls short of the Canon IPF model printers.  We try to keep and test the latest model from each manufacturer to make sure that the quality of our output is always what we know is the best.  Only based on our own direct testing.  Printing is available on this machine per special request.