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The Process of Reproducing Art & Artifacts With Old Town Editions

Old Town Editions will help you with every step of the print process, including sales strategies. We will become your personal print consultant.  If you are new to this process, we will help you wade through all the things you need to think about when adding prints to your inventory.  For example, we will aid you in the process of calculating your cost and coming up with prices for your print. If you already sell prints, we will provide you with additional sales and marketing strategies. Follow this link to learn more about the other topics that we will review with you to get ready for being successful with your print sales.

There are two steps that are required for each new piece of art or artifact that you are submitting for reproduction.  Once these steps have been completed you will only pay for printing from that point forward.  Quantity discounts are available with all steps of the process.

Step 1: Image Capture

The image capture is essentially where we photograph your piece.  Because we use a traditional view camera with a digital scanning back, our process is actually blending two technologies.  This is called an image capture.  Quantity discounts are available for 10+ pieces. Or when paired with the image file prep we have the ability to discount multiple captures if your pieces are identical in size.

Step 2: Image File Preparation

This indispensable and very important step is where we perfect your image for printing.  Image File Preparation involves making color and tonal adjustments to attain a precise match to your original. We run as many proofs as needed to match your original.  Before we notify you of your proof being ready for review we make sure our staff are satisfied we have attained the best match and print possible.

The other steps included in this process include generous cleanup, retouching, image archiving, custom image editing, and digital restoration if needed.

File prep discounts are available when paired with a 20+ sheet order.

Cleanup/Retouch/Editing – There is always a level of cleanup for all art or artifacts. Once we light your work with our 1,800 watts of light even the smallest hair or piece of dust that your eye generally does not see will illuminate. We also need to either separate your original from the background or crop and clean up the edges digitally so you have a flawless image ready for printing.  We also include some custom image editing or digital retouching in this step.  If you want something removed or changed in your original this is included. You may also want to consider whether or not you will leave your signature in the piece or have us digitally remove it so you can sign your prints fresh.

Image Archiving – This is a service for which other companies will charge you extra.  Image archiving is included when working with Old Town Editions.  We pride ourselves on having our own method of keeping editions true.  We keep a proof print on file and document the printer, paper, and ink combinations to ensure that the last print of your edition is exactly the same as your first print. This method gives you the ability to order prints as you need them. We also maintain our printers longer than a normal shop and keep them precisely calibrated. Unless you find a shop like ours that specializes in art reproductions, you will have varying color from order to order. We guarantee that your prints will look exactly the same from order to order year to year.

Step 3: Printing

Once you have completed the Image Capture and Image File Preparation part of the process for a piece of art or artifact you will be ready to order prints.  You only pay for printing once to have completed the capture and file prep.  We print from our archive.  You will not have to bring a disc in or worry about managing your own files.  Leave that up to us.

We price paper and canvas prints using two different methods. Most paper printing is priced by the sheet while canvas and oversize paper prints are priced by the square inch. We choose to offer our paper printing on the largest flat sheet available to ensure beautiful flat prints when you leave our studio.

Please give us a call to further discuss these topics. We are ready to spend as much time as needed talking with you and making sure you are comfortable with the process and ready to get started.