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Our Process: When reproducing art or artifacts with Old Town Editions there are (2) one time fees per original or digital image.  The one time fees are our image capture ($60), and our image file preparation ($200).  We spare no effort in creating the perfect digital capture and image for final printing during these steps.  Once a proof is approved, the image is ready to print and is archived. File archiving is included.  These two one time fees are only to be applied per new original or image submission for printing.  Not all print shops offers free image archiving. Old Town Editions archives all captured or prepared files so our clients can prep a file in the future order reprints on demand. Once you complete the capture and prep for an image you will just pay for printing from that point forward.  Then our archival paper print pricing or archival canvas print pricing apply.

Film Scanning
Art Photography / Image Capture
Image File Preparation For Art Reproduction

Image File Preparation for Digital Artists and Photographers
Digital Printing Consultations
Archival Canvas Printing
Archival Paper Printing
Canvas Stretching Services
Photo Restoration

Art & Artifact Restoration
Memorial Printing Service
Underpainting Printing
Acrylic Facemount Printing

We have been offering fine art digital printmaking services for over 18 years.  Our services include but are not limited to digital fine art reproduction and digital fine art printing for photographers, Museums, and Galleries. We create limited edition prints and giclees from original artwork, digital files, negatives, transparencies, and much more.  We offer all services related to Digital Fine Art Reproduction including large format printing, digital restoration and high resolution image capture, scanning and more. All work is done in-house by the Old Town Editions staff.