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Old Town Editions Reviews

Reviews, Testimonials And Excerpts From Letters From Our Clients:

Linda Griffin, Watercolor Painter, (Winterville, NC):
“I have been using Old Town Editions for many years. The  quality of work and outstanding service has forced me to drive from my relocated home in NC each time I have new work to reproduce! Again, I want to thank them for the outstanding job  and concern for my schedule. Also Pat, thank you for taking the time to answer my friend’s questions about the process and distribution possibilities. When we left there last week  my friend discovered she had lost a ring. We called from car and he said he would look around. Upon returning to the area where we had parked, we found Pat searching the pavement. That is certainly beyond the call!”

“The experience of dealing with them is so worth the time to come  from NC!”

Polly Joubert, Oil Painter, (Hartland, WI):
“The proofs arrived this morning and they are WONDERFUL!!!! The color looks spot on (as best as I can tell without the originals). Certainly, the overall effect is very soft, which is what I aim for, and still all the minute detail is captured.”

“I wanted to let you know that my giclees and originals have arrived and are all unpacked. (You guys do an incredible packing job!) They were here a bit before 11 this morning, a full day ahead of schedule. (As I tracked them — so EASY —- I realized they would be here sometime today.) And they look absolutely wonderful. I have examined the top one of each image and am so pleased. The color is so rich and the detail … well it’s all there! I can’t wait for the gallery owners to see them. They are magnificent!”

Terry Sitz, Mixed Media Artist (Silver Spring, MD):
“There are not enough adjectives to describe how magnificent the prints are that you crafted…truly an art in itself and in a class beyond anything I have seen or thought possible. There are printers, there may be a few print makers…Old Town Editions are print crafters. I feel like I have added Rachel & Pat to my art “team”…this is not a one time transaction, but a long term partnership! Thank you!!”

Charles Butler, Photographer (Alexandria, VA):
“Old Town Editions does amazing, high quality work. While the finished product truly speaks for itself, their customer service and support through the whole printing process is the best I have ever worked with. Highly recommend!!!”

Stirling Elmendorf, Photographer (Osaka, Japan):
“Old Town Editions has consistently reproduced my photography in absolutely stunning detail, color fidelity and consistency.  Pat and Rachel are true masters of the craft of fine art reproduction and can assist in all levels of the process, from image prep to clean-up to complex file adjustments- they operate on a “CAN-DO” mentality and approach.  They have done research to come up with the finest products and processes, they implement them efficiently and are extremely engaged with the client at all stages of the print development.  I’ve had works reproduced on cotton rag as well as canvas and the results have always been a clear extension of my work, done in a timely and pleasant manner.  Top notch and most highly recommended!!!”

Phil Trager, photographer:
“I wanted to thank you again for all of the sensitivity, intelligence and dedication that you applied to making my giclee prints. I think the results are spectacular and you made that possible. I look forward to a long and continuing relationship over the years.”

Gary Hesse, Associate Director of Light Work:
“The…edition of 75 John Pfahl prints looks great. Thanks for all of your help, without you [Chris] and Mark’s help this project would not have been possible….The exhibition has been installed, and it is receiving rave reviews.”

John Pfahl, photographer (Fairfield, CT):
“You might be interested to know that the curators at the [museum] loved the portfolio and are presenting it to their acquisitions committee–the entire twenty prints!”

Jean Grastorf, watercolor painter (Springfield, IL):
“The giclees are fantastic! They look like the ‘real thing’ and the paper, printing and presentation are just great.”

Arthur Dion, Gallery NAGA (Boston, MA):
“The color prints and the black-and-whites look terrific….The color prints have a fidelity and pop such that all comers are at first taking them as Polaroids. Today that included a critic who has looked at Elsa’s work for decades.”

Carol Bolsey, Oil painter (Kingston, MA):
“Old Town Editions has made prints of my artworks for over twenty years.  Their work is superb: color is exact, sharpness and texture are precise and tactile, and the staff is helpful and amiable. recommend them in the highest terms.”

Susan Makara, Acrylic, Oil, and Scratch Board (Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA):
“Old Town Editions is the premier company for fine art reproductions. Their focus on detail and accurate color match is unsurpassed. They are completely devoted to their work and their clients. I highly recommend Old Town Editions.”

Patricia Palermino, Folk Art (Alexandria, VA):
“Old Town Editions is a first rate digital printing company. I have been very pleased with all of the work they have done for me. The colors are accurate and crisp and the printed result is true to the original. I highly recommend them.”

Carol Boss, Marketing Services Manager Hahnemuhle Papers (Crystal Lake, IL):
“As a Marketing Services Manager for Hahnemuhle I have had the pleasure to work hand in hand over the years with Old Town Editions to insure a strong connection acting as the representative manufacturer of their primary paper line. We are proud to be associated with a digital fine art printmaking studio of their caliber that provides their clients with a genuine level of professional commitment and trust along with their invaluable attention to detail.”

Betsy Karasik, Painting (Washington, DC):
“Great company ~ they do a splendid job on all my giclees and are super nice!”

Rosemary Feit Covey, Wood Engravings and Painting (Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA):
“Old Town Editions provides the most outstanding work in the industry. If you want the best in fine art printing they are the solution. Great customer service and nice people to work with. “

Anne Rust Pearson, Oil Painter (VA)
“I just wanted to thank you so much for all the time and attention you gave me last week. It really was a great experience and certainly exceeded all my expectations!  I left with lots of ideas and guidence to move forward.  Looking forward to seeing my proofs – and beyond”

Tom Seagard & Bridget Kozma (Sister Bay, WI)

“We have worked with you for a very long time.  Well over 20 years but I have not worried about the time because of the quality work that you do.  There is no technical problem or printing concern that you have not been able to work with and I do think you are the best available.  The confidence I have in the color capture, and the security of both my work and Brigitte’s work is unquestioned.  I have used other printers in all methods of reproduction, and the professional work you do has not been matched.”

Alvena McCormick

“Old Town Editions is the best company you could work with for competency and quality. My clients rave about the quality of the print! I go to the TOP to get the best print and service every and have for years.”