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Partial Client List

Among our many distinguished clients, Old Town Editions is proud to include:

George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Library of Congress
The Department of the Treasury
Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of American History
Jerry Bowman
Fred Maroon
The World Bank
Senator John Warner
National Museum of American History
Dumbarton House
National Park Service
Wendy Cortesi
The Freer-Sackler
William Cochran
Helen Zughaib
Lee Boynton
Pete Muller
Jamali / Mardan Publishing
Dana Verkouteren
Morgan McKinney
Ethan Allen, Inc.
Quinn’s Auction House
The National Holocaust Museum
Creative Brush Studio
The U.S. Supreme Court
Joshua Higgins
Bedrock Images
Steve Myles
Polly Joubert
Mill Road Gallery
Jay Durrah
Terry Sitz
Kathy Beynette
Gallery Plan B
Volkmar Wentzel
Morton Fine Art
Smadar Livne
Matthew Johnston
Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman
Margaret Huddy
Alvena McCormick
Rosemary Covey
Jay Hart / Earthpattern
John Kiernan
Chica Brunsvold
Stirling Elmindorf
Marilyn Witkowski
Connie Slack
Linda Griffin
Elsa Dorfman
Annette Polan
Dana Scheurer
Anne McCarty
Kathleen Stafford
Sandra Varney
Charlie Gaynor
Bob Heier
Robert Dacosta Visions
Michael Fischerkeller

Manassas National Battlefield

Many more distinguished clients that either cannot be on our client list or are just not added to the client list work with Old Town Editions.

If you stop by our shop to view some samples you have a good chance of seeing some of the really unique work we do for some of these well known artists and institutions.  Some examples are rare documents and artifacts that the general public usually does not get to see up close and personal.  There is always a wealth of artwork and photographs that we are processing for private collectors and clients.  Every stop in to our studio will be a different experience.