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The Mini Giclee

The mini giclees are small prints with big sales potential. The mini giclee offers a way to add an additional revenue stream to your sales effort. Other artists are already doing it with great success. It not only allows the person who cannot afford original artwork to make a purchase from you, but, is an excellent way to advertise your work in a high quality format. Think of it as promotional material paid for by the customer. Artists have been able to sell these open edition, un-matted, and un-framed prints for anywhere from $20-$50 each.

This strategy has worked for painters, printmakers, sculptors, enamellists, and photographers alike. Our artists have created enough revenue from “mini-giclees” to pay for many their expenses including studio rent and booth fees at art fairs.

The process for making the mini giclees is exactly the same as for larger prints. All art has to first be photographed (what we call a Digital Capture). Once the capture is complete the image must then go through a preparation process. During the prep process a technician adjusts and proofs an image until it is a perfect match to your original. The prep also includes file cleanup, setup, image archiving, and the final 12-inch proof that will be yours to keep. The file we create and archive in this process can be used in the future to make any size prints you want, not just the minis. The Capture and Prep are one time only setup fees. After we have your art in our archive the only thing you pay for is the printing. The idea is for the cost of the capture and prep to spread out over the printing and reprinting of many mini-giclees, so your profit potential increases with every sheet you print.

Once the image is ready then we will advise you on how many prints you can get per 35×47 inch sheet. You can fit (30) 4×6 inch, (25) 5×7 inch, or (20) 6×8 inch prints on each 35” x 47” sheet of paper.  Multiple images and multiple sizes can be combined on one sheet of paper.

Printing Cost/Profit Potential For The Mini Giclee:

Your Order
# of prints
sold for
profit potential
1 sheet $200 30 4″ x 6″ $20-$40 $400-$1000
25 5″ x 7″ $20-$40 $300-$800
20 6″ x 8″ $20-$50 $200-$800
2 sheets $330 60 4″ x 6″ $20-$40 $870-$2070
50 5″ x 7″ $20-$40 $670-$1670
40 6″ x 8″ $20-$50 $470-$1670