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Things To Consider When Oversized Printing

Oversized canvas print and Pat.

Oversized canvas print and Pat at Old Town Editions.

There are several things to think about when considering oversized printing. Oversized printing with Old Town Editions can be up to 60″ wide by 54 Feet long on either paper or canvas. Oversized prints pose obstacles that a standard sized prints do not.  Some of the obstacles to overcome are shipping, delivery, installation, framing, and stretching. Oversized prints can be expensive to frame and difficult to ship once framed.  Make sure you consider the recommended methods of framing before deciding on canvas or paper.  These two completely different looks can have large price variances for framing.

Oversized framing by Carriage House Framing

Oversized paper framing by Carriage House Framing

Matting and framing your oversized paper prints with archival materials and techniques provides the best possible protection. Framing costs increase significantly when printing above the standard size of 32″x40″ because this size is the largest you can source mat board and glass at standard sizes. The high cost of oversized mat boards, backing boards, and glass when framing paper prints can be overwhelming if one is not prepared.

Framers do not usually stock oversized glass and mat boards. If timing is tight plan ahead because most framers need to special order materials to frame oversized.

Oversized canvas prints can be significantly less expensive to frame than paper.  Oversized canvas prints are usually stretched and do not need to be behind glass.  Most framers do not need to special order materials to frame oversized canvas prints.  The materials they already stock usually cover most finishing options that you have with canvas.

A gallery wrap is a good way to save even more on finishing oversized canvas prints. This method allows you to skip the cost of a frame. A gallery wrap is when a print is stretched around the side of the bars and stapled on the back. Usually the print area is extended or a solid color is added to become the sides of the print. This is the least expensive finishing for an overzized print.  You are only paying for the stretching of the canvas, saving you the most money.

Before deciding on framing it is also good to think about shipping and delivery.  Shipping framed prints can be very expensive because the packages are larger and weigh more. They are also more susceptible to damage. Costs can be saved significantly if you ship the prints before they are framed.  This way you would use a local framer at the print’s destination.

Of course, the most important factor in this decision is which method will produce the best possible reproduction of your work. Framing an oversized paper print may be most expensive but can be most appealing in certain situations where a canvas print may not.

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