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Why Choose Digital Fine Art Printmaking?

Old Town Editions is a studio that specializes in digital fine art printmaking and reproductions.  There are different levels of printing offered by many types of print shops. A lot of shops have the mentality that they can print anything. This is true. But, How good are those prints? How consistent? How archival? How much do they know about reproducing artifacts or artwork?  These are just a few of the many question that must be answered to choose a print shop.  Nothing should be secretive or hidden about a shop’s printing process and the materials used in production.

Digital Printing

Fred Maroon 40″x60″ print printing.

We believe that there are enough types of printmaking that shops should specialize in their particular field to produce the best prints possible for their clients. Sign, copy, and commercial printing shops all have specialties that don’t require their processes to be as meticulous as a digitial fine art printmaker.  The fact that most of the aforementioned shops also offer giclee printmaking is just evidence that these shops will do anything to make a buck.  These shops almost always produce sub-par giclees that are not color consistent from order to order.

Photographing, capturing and printing fine art takes specialized equipment and skill that these alternative shops lack.  They often use the same lower resolution printers and scanners for giclee printing that they use for their high volume printing. This leaves the client to suffer. These shops just do not know what it takes to create a digital fine art print.  Arm yourself with the knowledge of what each type of print shop offers will assist you in your choice of printmaker.


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