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Digital Restoration of Art & Artifacts

Old paintings, artifacts, and family heirlooms can really take a beating over time.  We can digitally repair faded colors, tears, cracks, and much more.

List of eligible items for digital restoration; Wedding certificates, medal of honor certificates, general award certificates, degrees, diplomas, maps, and just plain any document you need multiple copies.

All of these documents can be digitally restored and reproduced to look just like they did originally.

Often it is cost prohibitive to have a paper conservator restore an original historic document, painting or picture.  Digital restoration is a low cost alternative to having the physical original restored.

If you have an old painting or a historic document that is in fragile or damaged condition and you can’t afford hundreds or even thousands to fix the original digital restoration of your art and artifact is your answer.

Many shops charge by the hour.  We do not….

We have a flat rate artifact restoration fee that includes up to a 12 inch proof print of the final image. In some cases multiple small prints can be included in our restoration cost depending on the amount of digital restoration your piece needs.  You will receive a disc with your restored image as well as having it archived with Old Town Editions for future printing.

What is archiving?

Archiving is when your digitally restored image gets stored in our image archive database for on-demand printing. All for no additional cost.

This is additional benefit that most other shops do not offer.  If you or a previously approved family member want to order more prints of your work in the future all you pay for is the printing.  You will not have to undergo the scanning and digitally restoration steps ever again.

Through the digital restoration process, we are able to digitally restore the image to like-new condition. Or, if so desired, we can fix any damage  while still maintaining the patina of age. This way, the image is digitally restored yet still looks as if it comes from an earlier era.

See images below for an example of our digital artifact restoration service.