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Old Town Editions and Blue Line Studios Donate Embellished Print

Officer Peter Laboy BenefitOld Town Editions and John Kiernan of Blue Line Studios have teamed up to donate a custom hand-embellished print for a special charity auction this Sunday March 10, 2013 from 3 to 6 PM.  This benefit auction is for 17 year Alexandria Police veteran Peter Laboy. Laboy sustained a catastrophic gunshot to the head last week in a traffic stop just blocks from our own Old Town Alexandria print studio. He is still in critical condition. The benefit auction on Sunday is to raise money for him and his family to help as much as possible with bills and anything else they need during this tough time. Please come out to Virtue Feed & Grain this Sunday to show your support for your local law enforcement.

The donated fine art print will be custom embellished for the highest bidder at the live auction this Sunday. The winning bidder can get the print customized for themselves or even have it embellished as a gift to officer Laboy and his family.  Kiernan’s embellishing allows him to customize his police and fire department prints by adding unit number, badge number, agency,and even a patch for officers or family. Kiernan’s hand-embellished prints are customized for retirement, end of watch, and gifts for officer’s families.

Artist John Kiernan is a world renowned for his police and fire department art.  Kiernan is also known in the community for creating art work for the Washington Capitals, large trompe l’oeil murals and decorative finishings . His work has been featured in several publications such as Washington Spaces Magazine, Faux International, Washington Post, Elan, Home & Design, and The Artistic Stenciler.

A hand-embellished print allows an artist to put a special unique touch on a print.  This technique can be used to offer variations of a fine art reproduction (also known as a giclee).  An embellished print is more valuable than a print that has not been embellished but less valuable than the original painting. It is important to note that just because the artist has put his/her unique touch on each print this is not to be mistaken in any way, shape or form as an original.  It is simply a hand-embellished print.  This technique allows an artist to offer a custom product for each of their clients at a lower price point from the original and a higher price point than the limited edition giclees.  This allows an artist to hit several demographics creating a larger market for themselves.  Someone that can’t afford the original painting from an artist but still wants a custom piece of art from that artist can purchase the hand embellished print.

You can get updates on officer Laboys progress and make donations at