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Old Town Editions Mentors Students From TC Williams High School.

-1_TCWilliams_USA_logoThis week we met with Alexandria Recreation Outreach rep Michael Johnson and TC Williams printing program teacher Bob Trout. This meeting set the framework for Old Town Editions to mentor high achieving students from the TC Williams print program to our print studio.  We want to give the students a chance to learn printmaking and how it applies in a real world business environment. We have 2 excited students lined up for the program.

Soon, these select  students will come over during school day for 2-4 hours a week to learn digital fine art printmaking. This time will help these students prepare for their full time internships starting with us in May. Since the students are Seniors, and the school has a special student placement program they will spend their last month of High School working as full time interns with Old Town Editions.  This is a unique opportunity that we are excited to be involved with.

During the meeting we uncovered the fact that The TC Williams printing program will be coming to an end at the completion of the 2014-2015 school year.  We are currently trying to gain media attention to garner the communitie’s support in an effort to raise the funds to update and save the print program at the high school.

Please forward our press release to anyone you think might be interested in picking up the story.  Thanks for your support.